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Company Profile

Gravity Control is a young and dynamic international company from Sydney that started small selling shoes from a garage in Bondi Beach and has grown rapidly in the last couple of years.
The company was founded when Carlo Fiorani, a Dutchman who travelled all over the world, decided to settle in what he thought was one of the better countries on earth, Australia.
He started selling the first pairs of ARCOPEDICOS, a Portuguese health shoe he saw for the 1st time in his hometown Amsterdam, and which he imported so that Australians could enjoy the health benefits of wearing these comfortable shoes as they weren't available yet on this continent.
Soon he became the official distributor for these great shoes and as the business was growing, Carlo thought about adding new and different products to supply the Australians with unique products from all around the world.

This is when the SENSI SANDALS from Italy were added to the product range, a sandal that combines Italian style, functional design and outstanding quality all in one while still being affordable to a wide customer range.
Over the next years more and more products were added where we're convinced that each of them is unique and life-enhancing in its own way, which we'd buy and use ourselves and with which not everyone in Australia is familiar with yet.
We use all the contacts, information and experience we accumulated over the years from all over the world to constantly supply you, the customers, with great new products for your personal use.

In 1999 we opened our 1st Gravity Control store in Byron Bay and it has proven to be the ideal testing ground for new products and to get new ideas and inspirations which products are demanded and should therefore be added to our product range to make them avail-able all over Australia and not just in Byron Bay.


As Carlo travels a lot overseas looking for new products and ideas, the employees of Gravity Control are his biggest asset, especially Dee Dee, who is the power behind the company.
She's responsible for everything when Carlo is not around and with-out her, Jesse and Michael.




























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