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We operate under the following na´ve belief system:
Not everything is relative
; there
is good and bad, better and worse. After travelling extensively, making all the mistakes, reading the books, going to the seminars, we now have come to the na´ve conclusion, that life is short, that nature is abundant, and that for most of us, the only poverty is poverty of mind and poverty of location (having too many roots in the wrong place at the wrong time), which nowadays can be mostly overcome by waking up, learning English, getting a computer, reading the right books, visiting the right places, getting on that plane, and having a good look around. And if you love business, like we do,"the greatest vehicle to set you free economically and grow" (and a great way to meet, communicate and travel). 


Health warning !!!!

We hope to be a resource for you, supplying you either with great products to use, or great products to sell, and giving you the low-down on what we think is great to do, read, go to, and so get you more and more surrounded by that quality of life and thought, and ride its positive feedback loop. Bringing you the life that nature always had in store for us. 


Just start clicking on a few categories on the left bar, that you might be interested in. We hope to come up regularly with enough great, new and free tips, of what the good life can offer us so far, to make you want to bookmark us. 



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